BMW 2 Series Coupe 218d SE Automatic

BMW 2 Series Coupe 218d SE Automatic

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4=. BMW 2 Series Coupe

Model/Engine size:
BMW 2 Series Coupe 218d SE Automatic
Fuel economy combined:
67.3 mpg
BMW 2 Series Coupe 218d SE Automatic


BMW has decided that its model numbering system needs an overhaul. The 2 Series is what we used to call a 1 Series Coupe; the name change is because this gives a more exclusive feel to the 2 Series.

BMW has a great record of delivering cars with excellent fuel consumption and it has now managed to eke a little bit more out of the new model. The familiar 2-litre diesel unit is now matched with a new optional 8-speed automatic gearbox which maximises fuel economy at all speeds but is particularly effective at higher speeds.

The characteristics that we loved in the 1 Series Coupe are all still present: 50:50 weight distribution, top notch material quality, rear-wheel drive, strong performance and great fuel economy – which, incidentally, can also be achieved in the real world.

If you don’t fancy the automatic gearbox you can save a healthy chunk of cash and get the six-speed manual, something that is worth seriously considering as fuel consumption is only slightly worse. In either case you get engine start/stop and gear change indicators to maximise efficiency.

The 218d is more expensive than the 118d was, but part of that will be due to the BMW now meeting Euro 6 regs which means that PM and NOx are on a par with petrol engines. This means that the diesel engine can now achieve very low CO2 emissions without increasing local air quality emissions, making it a genuinely low emissions package.

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Fuel economy, extra urban:
76.3 mpg
Fuel economy, urban:
55.4 mpg
CO2 emissions:
111 g/km
Green rating:
VED band C - First year £0
1450 Kg
Company car tax liability ( 2015/16 ):
Insurance group:
141 bhp
Max speed:
133 mph
8.6 seconds
Euro 6: