Fiat 500C 0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy Dualogic

Fiat 500C 0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy Dualogic

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1. Fiat 500C

Model/Engine size:
Fiat 500C 0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy Dualogic
Fuel economy combined:
72.4 mpg
Fiat 500C 0.9 TwinAir Colour Therapy Dualogic


The Fiat 500 has been a big success thanks to its combination of style and quality. Now Fiat has brought that winning combination to the convertible market, can it succeed here too? The 500C isn’t actually a full convertible but it does have a full-length canvas roof which is close enough to get into this section. One of the benefits of this is the extra rigidity of keeping the sides. It also means that the Fiat keeps its good looks and its boot so we think it’s a good compromise.

Under the bonnet you get the hi-tech 875cc two-cylinder TwinAir engine which allows the 500 to shine in the official fuel consumption tests, although you will need a very light right foot to even get close to the claimed fuel economy in the real world. The dualogic semi-automatic gearbox helps the 500C to achieve its excellent fuel economy, but we know that it isn’t to everybody’s tastes so it’s worth knowing that the manual gearbox is nearly as efficient, and cheaper.

The interior is shared with the hatchback which means lots of style and a surprising amount of substance too. The little Fiat offers far higher quality than previous efforts which means that you don’t have to decide between style and longevity anymore. It is also decent to drive. It isn’t the sharpest but it isn’t bad either; there is fun to be had.

The Fiat 500C 0.9 TwinAir Dualogic is a welcome addition to this market. If you want a super-stylish convertible car there is little competition for this money. The full-length canvas roof means that you still get a decent boot too, which makes it more practical than you might think.


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Fuel economy, extra urban:
78.5 mpg
Fuel economy, urban:
64.2 mpg
CO2 emissions:
90 g/km
Green rating:
VED band A
900 Kg
Company car tax liability ( 2015/16 ):
Insurance group:
85 bhp
Max speed:
107 mph
11 seconds
Euro 6: