The Most Economical Cars On Sale in 2015 in the UK for 10 Different Categories

If you want to save money on running your next car, then you must read this – it guides you to the most economical and lowest emission cars in ten different categories. All of these cars are available to buy in 2015 and represent the most efficient cars in their class.

Each category is broken down in to the best diesel cars and the best petrol cars. Also included are petrol-electric hybrids and electric cars. Many cars achieve fuel economy of 60mpg, 70mpg, or more.

Increasingly, more and more cars are appearing with identical combined miles per gallon figures. In this case, we will rank the cars based on aspects such as their emissions (which in some cases may be slightly different even though their combined miles per gallon figures are the same), extra urban miles per gallon, and even how much car you get for your miles per gallon.

This guide is updated every month so check out the latest green and fuel efficient vehicles added to the list soon!